VIOBA Appeal

This is an appeal to all Victorians to contribute to extending the VIOBA land lease for at least several decades to come.

The VIOBA Building at the Shaw Road (now Jalan Hang Tuah) entrance of the school, sits on land leased from the government. Around 2010/ 2011, several years prior to the lease expiry, the VIOBA commenced the renewal process. A steep premium was set by the Land Office. Thus commenced several years of appeal and review, during which the premium required was gradually reduced. This issue was discussed at various VIOBA AGMs as well, and management committees were empowered to continue the renegotiation effort. Inevitably, obstacles emerged in the course of the appeals as re-filings, delays, non-replies, rejections, and even change of government caused a further wait.

Finally in August 2019, the Land Office agreed to lower the premium to RM174,046 for a lease of 30 years, to be paid by 14 November 2019. Attached below is a letter from the VIOBA communicating its fund-raising efforts for this purpose. Meeting the renewal requirements allows the VIOBA to fend off other competing applications for the land, thereby preserving a V.I. heritage.

As the VIOBA, in its mandate to focus on social, cultural, sporting, and educational activities rather than growing capital funds, does not maintain large holdings of funds, such out-of-the-ordinary capital raising requires contributions from its community of supporters. It is hoped that, in addition to this campaign, the VIOBA will continue to grow in support and provide the enabling strength for the school to continue for decades to come.