V.I. Tales

by Chung Chee Min

The mighty V.I. cricket team bundled out for ten runs?

Using sulphuric acid to clean brass hinges?

200-pounder George Abraham doing the cross-country run?

The fart that robbed the V.I. boys of a holiday?

Drama Society costume disovered stolen on opening night?

Squeezing 1,000 D.C. lines on an A4 sheet of paper?

Lim Eng Thye’s morning snack hijacked by his pupils?

A suspected Communist plot to take over the school?

The Prefects’ secret plan to resign en masse?

The Special Branch vetting a Speech Day concert item?

Prefect nabbing a teacher for not wearing his badge?

Yes, they happened! These and hundreds more accounts by alumni, teachers and headmasters of the Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia are in this rivetting collection of “tales” by V.I. Old Boy and archivist Chung Chee Min. Mined from many sources and classified under forty-two categories, these personal writings capture the spirit and pace of life in the premier school in Malaya/Malaysia during the period from its founding in 1893 to the mid-1970s. The forty-third category is a collection of truly, truly, tall tales - first published in the 1950s and 1960s - of the adventures of a fictional fat V.I. boy.

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Size: 6" x 9"
Number of pages: 680
Readership: Old Boys and Girls who attended the VI until the mid-seventies
Format: Paperback:
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Format: Hard cover:
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This companion volume is an entirely different work from The V.I. Anthology, embodying the personal thoughts and memories of the pupils, teachers and even Headmasters from the V.I.’s Golden Years, a period dating roughly from its founding in 1893 to the mid-nineteen seventies. They come from many sources – interviews, the internet (including the V.I. Web Page of which I am one of three page-keepers), the print and online media, V.I. publications – principally its newspaper, The Seladang, its annual magazine, The Victorian and the journal of the Science and Mathematics Society, The Scientific Victorian.

When one spends five, six or seven years of the most formative period of one’s life in the same school with over a thousand like-minded motivated students, there inevitably will be many unforgettable experiences. Indeed, combing through my own collection of V.I. publications, I find poignant and heart-warming stories of sacrifice, of friendship, of adventure, and of interactions with heroes, with bullies, and with strict Headmasters and eccentric and gifted teachers.

There are accounts of caning, wild capers in the classroom and without, and of derring-do on the playing field, of scintillating victories, humbling losses on the sports field, of dropped batons, missed catches and even sudden death on the running track. Scouting adventures, cadet mock battles, paranoia over a Communist plot, mind games with a snooty Prefect, ceiling walking and debating triumphs, a mysterious prewar film - they have all been collected.

There are stories of falling in love (or was that just a crush?) with the pretty lass in the other class and of close brushes with gangsters and things that go tap–tap in the night. These and more are grouped under various different categories and listed alphabetically.


Air Cadets
Becoming Victorian
Being Victorian
Brasso Blues
Crime & Punishment
Cross-Country Run
Gang 21/Club 21
Ganga Singh
Ghostly Stuff
Hostel Life
Lessons & Exams
The Library
Lim Eng Thye
Love & Puppy Love
Mock Events
School Concert
School Days
Science Stuff
Sixth Formers
V.I. Girls

The Ah Fatt Tales


A. C. J. Towers
Ahmad Khalid
Alladin bin Hashim
Ann Foo Saw Gaik
Baldev Singh Gill
Baljit Singh Sambhi
Beda Lim
Caroline Cheah
Chan Bing Fai
Chan Chee Teh
Chan Heun Yin
Chan Kum Hei
Chan Mei Chen
Chan Nyat Loon
Chan Yew Khee
Cheim Siew Leen
Chin Peng Lam
Chin Yuen Fui
Chong Chok Ngee
Chong Hon Nyan
Chong Siew Meng
Chong Sun Yeh
Choo Min Wang
Chung Chee Min
“Coco” Majid Ismail
Daniel Chan Weng Khuen
Dennis Kwok
Dibakar (Tojo) Raye
E. S. Shankar
F. Daniel
Fay Siebel
Foo Chee Wee
Foo Yeow Khean
Foo Yeow Leong
Francis Yeoh Sock Ping
G. E. D. Lewis
Gan Hiang Chye
Ganga Singh
George Abraham
George Yap Swee Fatt
Gunn Chit Tuan
Haja Moideen
Hamzah bin Majeed
Hanif Majeed
Harun bin Idris
Hashim bin Mohd. Ali
Hew Chee Peng
Hoh Hee Ooi
Hung Hin Cheong
Isher Singh Sekhon
Ismail Mohd Ali
Ivy Ang Swee Gek
J. B .Carr
J. Samuel
Jaffar Indot
Jagjit Singh Sambhi
Jawahir binte Haji Ali
Joan Irene Floyd
John Doraisamy
Josie Mei
K. S. L. Narayanan
Kan Ah Chye
Koh Tong Bak
Koh Tong Chui
Kok Peng Yoong
Kok Wee Kiat
Krishenj Jit
Krishna Rajaratnam
Lau Chee Meng
Law Chin Tang
Lee Choon Yin
Lee Choong Keet
Lee Kor Voon
Leong Thoe Soon
Leong Siew Mun
Leong Siew Yue
Leong Yoke Keen
Leong Yoke Weng
Leslie Mervin Keun
Liew Nyok Kheng
Lim Hock Han
Lim Meng Seng
Liung Cheong Poh
Lo Ka Hang
Loh Yoon Kwai
M. Gnanasekaram
M. Krishnapillai
M. Shanmughalingam
Ma Sau Yin
Mah Puay Koon
Mahadev Shankar
Marina Yousoff
Mohan Appana
Mokhtar Dahari
N. Ganesan
N. Sadasivan
Neal Hobbs
Ng Kim Boon
Ng Seo Buck
Noordin bin Sopiee
Oen Seng Fo
Othman bin Mohd. Ali
Ooi Boon Leong
Ooi Boon Seng
Ooi Boon Teck
Oon Chong Teik
Peter Fryer
Phua Juay Chee
Pong Kai See
Poon Yew Chin
Praba Ganesan
Quah Chek Jwee
R. Sankaran
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Ramon Navaratnam
Rex Toh Swee Kee
Richard Pavee
Richard Sidney
Rosemary Ross
Ronald S. McCoy
Rosalie Koh Lian Cheng
S. Gurnell
S. Peethamparam
S. A. Vanar
S. M. Ghani
S. Sivalal
Satish Chand Bhandari
Satish (“Slim”) Sreedharan
Saw Chu Thong
Shahriza Hussein
Sheila Sodhy
Siew Nim Chee
Sivarasa Rasiah
Stanley Loh Hing Tai
Sun May Lin
Surinder Singh Kanda
Swaran Ludher
Syed Shaidali
T. Wignesan
Tan Chang Soong
Tan Chin Kit
Tan Hong Siang
Tan Lee Meng
Tan Woo Tee
Teh Kein Seng
Thor Kah Hoong
Toh Boon Huah
V. Chakaravarthy
Venu Sarma
Vincent Voo
Vong Choong Choy
W. Fernando
Wan Ahmad Hulaimi
Wee Choo San
William Dudley
Wong Ket Seong
Wong Mun Fui
Wong Seng Gay
Wong Soak Koon
Wong Yin Fook
Wong Yuen Pow
Yaacob bin Latiff
Yap Kun Bek
Yap Moo Len
Yap Peng Lee
Yap Piang Kian
Yee Thiam Choy
Yeoh Oon Hock
Yong Siew Onn
Yong Yuen Fu
Yoong Meow Nyan
Yoong Yan Yoong
Zaharah binti Taha
Zain Azraai bin Zainal Abidin
Zawiah bte Laidin

The V.I. Anthology is also available from Lulu Press . Click HERE to order. It is also not available from book shops.

V.I. Anthology is also available from Lulu Press . Click HERE to order. It is also not available from book shops.